J40 at the 2023 Nanjing Public Institutions Energy Conservation Promotion Week

BIB Robotics proudly showcased its cutting-edge cleaning robot, the J40, at the prestigious 2023 Nanjing Public Institutions Energy Conservation Promotion Week. With a host of groundbreaking features and a clear commitment to innovation, the J40 stole the limelight and garnered significant attention from attendees, thanks to its impressive demonstration of automatic path planning, autonomous floor cleaning, and more.

The J40 Takes Center Stage in the Energy Conservation Promotion Week

The overarching theme of “green and low-carbon” has been a persistent pursuit for commercial buildings in recent years. An integral part of this movement involves elevating the standards and intelligence of commercial building cleaning, aligning with the broader “green and low-carbon” initiative. Traditional commercial building cleaning has faced various hurdles and challenges, particularly in upscale office scenarios.

On one hand, a lack of experienced personnel in the industry compromises the quality of cleaning, leading to high personnel management costs and instability in staff retention. On the other hand, upscale office scenarios present unique cleaning pain points:

  • Complex Scenarios: These spaces often require operations spanning multiple floors, necessitating movement through different areas, including those with access control gates, and featuring a wide array of flooring materials.
  • Silent Operations: Office areas often require minimal noise disturbance, posing stringent noise requirements for machine operation.
  • High Cleaning Standards: The maintenance of materials like marble floors demands impeccable cleaning standards.
  • Aesthetic Considerations: High-end office spaces have elevated expectations for the appearance of cleaning equipment, demanding seamless integration with the overall ambiance.

The intricate demands of upscale office spaces amplify the requirements for effective cleaning solutions. This is precisely where the J40 steps in, unfazed by the complexity and variability of such scenarios, to deliver an intelligent and efficient cleaning experience.

Adaptive Working Modes

Upscale office spaces are usually divided into various areas such as entryways, corridors, common areas, and work zones, each featuring diverse flooring materials such as tiles, carpets, and wooden planks. Given the ever-changing and intricate nature of these scenarios, the demand for smarter cleaning and heightened efficiency is paramount.

The J40 addresses this demand through its modular multi-brush attachments. These allow the robot to autonomously switch between five distinct cleaning modes – sweeping, scrubbing, wet mopping, vacuuming, and dry mopping – based on the unique cleaning requirements posed by different flooring materials. This automated adjustment ensures that cleaning tasks are seamlessly executed, significantly enhancing overall efficiency.

The roller mop module automatically lowers for mopping and rises for sweeping operations, further streamlining the cleaning process.

Enhanced Interconnectivity through AIoT

Understanding the common need for cross-scenario and cross-floor cleaning operations in office spaces, the J40 utilizes AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) technology to support bookings for different time slots and continuous operations across varying scenarios and floors.

The robot interacts with entry gate access systems, enabling independent entry. It also interfaces with elevator control systems, facilitating self-guided elevator use.

Customizable Cleaning Modes

The J40 can be customized to suit the specific cleaning requirements of upscale office spaces. This includes configuring modes for daily cleaning and nighttime deep maintenance. By utilizing daytime peak periods for recharging, the need for human-robot interaction is minimized, thereby maximizing operational efficiency. Nighttime cleaning activities ensure pristine and orderly floors, enhancing robot efficiency and elevating cleaning quality.

The 4-in-1 Refresh Hub

Complementing its prowess, the J40 is accompanied by a versatile 4-in-1 Refresh Hub. This offers multiple plumbing transformation and mobile water replacement solutions, tailored to the specific plumbing transformation conditions of different upscale office spaces. This compatibility ensures efficient automatic replenishment, allowing for continuous 24-hour operations that cater precisely to the cleaning requirements of upscale office scenarios.

The Future of Cleaning: Smart and Data-Driven

The shift toward smart and data-driven cleaning is pivotal in enhancing cleaning management efficiency and quality in office scenarios. Traditional cleaning methods and standards no longer suffice. Upscale office environments harbor new expectations for cleaning, and the imperative for cleaning transformation and enhancement is undeniable. In this transformative landscape, BIB Robotics is proud to present the J40, a pioneering solution that embodies intelligence, innovation, and the future of cleaning.