Tackling Cleaning Challenges in Offices

Diverse and Complex Cleaning Needs for Different Environments Varied floor surfaces to different waste categories – we understand the unique maintenance needs.
High Demands for Cleaning Efficiency and Quality Traditional cleaning methods often fall short of meeting the high-quality standards your office deserves.
Enhancing Automation for Smoother Operations High costs of human labour, time-consuming cleaning tasks.

Unlock the Value of our Solution

Customized Cleaning Solutions
Equipped with five-in-one cleaning prowess, our solution adapts seamlessly to diverse cleaning demands
Efficient Cleaning with High Quality
Experience the power of fully automated operations, driving higher cleaning efficiency and quality
Smart Savings
Trim management costs without compromising on cleanliness
Empowering your Space with Intelligence
Leverage our digitial management platform to elevate your office's smart capabilities

Suggested Office Solution

The 5-in-1 Cleaning Function is Adaptable to Various Cleaning Requirements

Switch between cleaning modes effortlessly with our automated cleaning module

  • Sweeping
  • Scrubbing
  • Wet Mopping
  • Vacuuming
  • Dry Mopping

Maximize Cleaning Quality through Automation Experience Flawless Cleanliness 24/7 with our Fully Automated Operations

AI-powered daytime inspections proactively detect and report any debris, leaving nothing unnoticed
Seamless edge-to-edge cleaning
Say goodbye to overlooked spots with our meticulous edge-to-edge cleaning approach
Multi-floor cleaning simplified
Discover the ease of AIoT-integrated elevators and gates for seamless cross-floor cleaning efficiency
Our 4-in-1 Refresh Hub simplifies maintenance and upkeep, all in one place

Our Cloud Management System Empowers your Building with

Remote control via app
Stay connected and in control with remote management, real-time cleaning reports,
maintenance updates, and task scheduling – all accessible at your fingertips.
  • Device
  • Data
  • Multi-device


Indoor Commercial Cleaning Robot
Discover the Future of Indoor Cleaning
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J40 | SCGC Office Tower

J40 | SCGC Office Tower

China · Shenzhen
J40 | Campus Office Building

J40 | Campus Office Building

China · Beijing
J40 | Hangzhou Qiantang Smart City

J40 | Hangzhou Qiantang Smart City

China · Hangzhou
J40 | Office Building (Financial Center)

J40 | Office Building (Financial Center)

China · Shenzhen
J40 | State Grid Nanjing Automation Factory Office Building

J40 | State Grid Nanjing Automation Factory Office Building

China · Nanjing

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