Addressing Transportation Hub Cleaning Challenges

Managing Heavy Traffic with Enhanced Safety Standards In bustling environments like metro stations, the need for stringent safety measures is paramount, given the high volume of visitors.
Meeting the Challenge of Extensive Cleaning Areas and Demanding Workloads The limited time available for daytime cleaning creates hurdles in maintaining uniform efficiency and quality.
Navigating Complex Workforce Management and Rising Labor Costs Fluctuating staff levels and increasing management expenses due to high turnover rates present ongoing challenges.

Unlocking the Value of Our Solution

Autonomous Mapping
Easy deployment and
agile obstacle avoidance
24/7 Round-the-Clock Intelligent Operation
Improve efficiency and maintain
spotless spaces
Human-Machine Collaboration for Cost Optimization
Streamline tasks and minimize
repetitive efforts
Elevate Your Transportation Hub
Digitized management
platform for advanced control

Our Transportation Hub Solution

Automated Crowd Navigation

Dynamic obstacle recognition ensures smooth navigation through
high-traffic areas such as subway stations, high-speed rail terminals, and airports.

Elevate Your Cleaning Standards with Innovation

Precise Mapping, Autonomous Path Planning Support
5-in-1 Cleaning Capabilities
Cleanliness Around the Clock
Simplified Maintenance with the 4-in-1 Refresh Hub

Empower Your Transportation Hub with Cloud Management

Remote control via app: access cleaning reports, maintenance data, task reservations, and more at a glance
  • Operational
  • Device
  • Data
  • Multi-device


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J40 | Shenzhen Subway Station

J40 | Shenzhen Subway Station

China · Shenzhen
J40 | Nanjing South Station Subway Station

J40 | Nanjing South Station Subway Station

China · Nanjing

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