Challenges with Retail Outlet and Supermarket Cleaning

Challenges in Ensuring Quality Maintaining quality in cleaning tasks can be tough, with high workloads, inefficiency, and less-than-ideal results.
Navigating Dynamic Small Environments Tight passageways, intricate spaces, and strict safety standards add complexity.
Untapped Product Potential Products often sit idle when not in use, limiting their potential.

Unlock the Value of Our Solution

Efficiency and Quality combined
Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping integrated for seamless daily cleaning.
Smart, Streamlined, and Workforce-liberating
Fully automated intelligent operations reduce labor costs.
Multi-services, Amplified Value
A blend of cleaning and platform design maximizes service potential.
Empowering Smart Management Capabilities
Digitized management platform adds a touch of sophistication.

Retail Outlet and Supermarket Solution

Compact and Agile, Proactively Navigates Around


  • Checkout
  • Aisle
  • Office Spaces
  • Reception

One Platform, Multiple Functions

  • Cleaning & Product Guidance
  • Product Promotion
  • Advertisement Broadcasting

Fully Automated Operation, Perfect for Small Indoor Spaces

Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping in one unit.
Self-cleaning roller brush, ensuring ongoing cleanliness
Auto recharge on low battery
Self-cleaning roller brush ensures constant cleanliness
AIoT integrated with elevators and gates for cross-floor cleaning

Empower Your Retail Space with Cloud Management

Effortless remote control via app: access cleaning reports, maintenance data, task reservations, and more at a glance
  • Operational
  • Device
  • Data
  • Multi-device


Indoor Commercial Cleaning Robot
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J30 | A Convenience Store Chain

J30 | A Convenience Store Chain

Japan · Tokyo
J30 | A Toy Store

J30 | A Toy Store

France · Bordeaux
J30 | Supermarket

J30 | Supermarket

China · Shenzhen
J30 | A Supermarket in France

J30 | A Supermarket in France

France · Montpellier

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