Addressing Challenges with Outdoor Cleaning

Tackling expansive outdoor cleaning
with cost-effective solutions.
Navigate complex terrains and
different waste types with ease.
Addressing outdoor obstacles like
vehicles and pedestrians with heightened
safety protocols.

Unlock the value of our solution

Manpower Cost Reduction
Seamless Full Automation for
Enhanced Efficiency
Standardized Cleaning Processes
Ensure Consistent Environmental Quality
Empowerment through Smart
Systems, Elevating Brand Prestige

Outdoor Cleaning Solution

Streamlined Workflow with Automated Waste Bagging

Powerful Cleaning Performance in Challenging Outdoor Environments

AI-powered patrols efficiently sweep debris of various sizes
Obstacle detection, agile navigation
Flexible side brush attachments for seamless edge-to-edge cleaning
Automatic dust detection and spray for effective dust control

Our Cloud Management System Empowers Your Spaces with

Remote control via app
Stay connected and in control with remote management, real-time cleaning reports,
maintenance updates, and task scheduling – all accessible at your fingertips.
  • Device
  • Data
  • Multi-device


Outdoor Commercial Cleaning Robot
Discover the Future of Outdoor Cleaning
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J110 | Park

J110 | Park

China · Shenzhen
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J110 | Park

China · Suzhou
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J110 | Industrial Park

China · Hangzhou

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